Joseph Maintenance

Our Facility

Joseph Maintenance

Our Facility

Cleaning Plant

Fabrication and Erection completed by JMS

Pre Cast Re-Claim tunnel

Installed by JMS

Train Load Out

Dismantled, redesigned and erected by JMS

Conveyor Pully

Conveyor pulleys fabricated and machined to meet your needs.

Lagged Pulley

Pulleys can be lagged for surface or underground use. Lagging available to 1” thick and installed by our factory trained installers.

Hog Truss

72” Hog rod truss being fabricated in our shop.

Handrail and catwalk

Handrail and catwalk supports being added to 72 hog rod truss.

Components Checked

All components checked for proper fit before being shipped.

Box Truss

120 of 8 deep 72 box truss assembled for inspection.

Quality Control

Customer inspection of assembled 120' Box Truss at our facility."

Box Truss

120 box truss set up for customer inspection.

Structural Members

Structural members from our beam line being assembled

Rotating Crusher Element

Rotating crusher element fabricated and machined, ready for installation

T beams

T beams split from a W10@22. Ts are processed in our beam line.

Structural Support

Structural support processed on our CNC plasma table and welded in our fab shop.